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Due to renovations at the Kanaina Building our last Hawaiian Quilting Class at the Iolani Palace is September 27.  We have not found a new temporary venue but will keep you updated on our search.  We will be returning to the Kanaina Building after the renovations are complete but not sure when that will be.  Any questions please contact us at 808-223-1108.  Thank You
This website is dedicated to all those who admire and especially quilt "Hawaiian"
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Poakalani Quilting Classes -

Iolani Palace Old Archives Building Every Saturday 9:30am - 12:00pm.  Only $6.00 per class.  New Students First Class is $15.00 thereafter only $6.00

New Quilters all you need is two pieces of fabric 5/8 yards of contrasting colors.  One for the design and the other for the backing.  (Please pre-wash your fabric) Matching thread and needles.  We will have on hand a variety of patterns at the first class to start your 22" x 22" quilted top.  Or bring ther current project you're working on. Call 808-223-1108 or email cissy at cissy@poakalani.com to Register for class.  
The Poakalani & Co. Website was started in 1996 to share with the general public our Hawaiian quilting experience.  We felt that we needed to share not only the finished quilts but also  the cultural and especially the teaching aspects of  Hawaiian quilting. It was our greatest desire to inspire and encourage others to pick up their own needle and thread and begin their own tradition and cultural legacy. By doing this it is helping to fulfill our mission to preserve the "Art of Hawaiian Quilting".  We would like to thank all the quilters for allowing us to share their quilts on this website so we can continue to inspire others to help preserve not only their own personal story and tradition but one of Hawaii's most treasured Art.  Thank You
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Looking for a Hawaiian Quilt. Something special to give someone or yourself.
Pat makes and sells commissioned quilts.Interested please call her directly at (214) 293-9303, 922-5251 or email her at mtgpvg@yahoo.com

Quilts are MADE IN HAWAII. 

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