Free Cushion Patterns
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Ulu - Breadfruilt. 
Hawaiian quilt tradition states that if you make an Ulu quilt design you will not want for any of life's necessities.
Ku'uipo - Sweetheart
Ku'uipo - To My Sweetheart with love.
The Hawaiian quilters of my great-grandmothers generation made the larger queen and full size quilts. They would tape newspapers together design their pattern and then cut it out on fabric.  Some quilt designers even cut out their design on fabric with no pattern.  It was a very large task especially for the beginner quilter.   It was not until the late 1960's and early 1970's that Poakalani and John Serrao decided to make smaller 22" x 22" cushion designs for the beginner quilters.  They believed that by working on a smaller quilt the student was not overwhelmed and can use the smaller quilt to perfect their stitches before working on a larger piece.  Poakalani and John also believed that by working on a smaller piece the student can either decide "yes did it, done it and WHEW never doing that again or " When can I cut the next pattern. 

So in the tradition of Hawaii we have made available to all Hawaiian quilt enthusiast free patterns to create your own Hawaiian quilt. Please enjoy the patterns and instructions.
Kanani O Amelika - Beauty of America
When Tutu Correa travelled to America to visit her daughter she fell in love with its vast landscape and beauty, especially the daisy flower that was seen everywhere she went. This quilt was designed in memory of that trip.
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